International Fund & Asset Management Officer
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Mission / 4-Level Concept: 

The Fund & Asset Management Officer Program is a Business and Administration Management Training Program for Fund Industry Professionals. With the great number of participating leading business experts the training program provides intense exchange of knowledge and experience and brings together investment fund professionals and industry practitioners on four different learning levels.


Fund Academy AG, Zurich 


The training covers the following topics: fund law, regulatory environment (in Switzerland and the EU), operations management, business management, development and intertwining of EU fund policy and EU fund law, consequences for Switzerland. The course extends beyond national borders, both in terms of content and geographical locations, and is aimed at executive managers across all disciplines.

Objective of the training: 

The objective is to use the discussion exchanges with the lecturers, experts, workshop participants and colleagues to broaden your own knowledge of the fund business. However, a further objective is also to learn how to present your own knowledge to a target audience "properly" and in a manner that will be readily understood, integrating this purpose fully in conversations and your daily business and arousing interest. In other words, making your passive knowledge active.

Target group / requirements: 

Focusing on the level of strategic management, the 2 - 8 day International Fund & Asset Management Officer training is aimed at employees in managerial positions (executive management) in the investment fund business. Within the value chain of this business, they will hold functions in the set-ups of the following licensees / institutions: fund management companies, custodian banks, representatives of foreign funds, asset managers pursuant to the CISA, asset and fund managers, auditors, fund services companies, transfer agents, authorities and associations.
Formal requirement: Successful completion of the Swiss Fund & Asset Management Officer training or other comparable trainings. This training provides further professional training at the advanced level, offering a practical and meaningful supplement to internal training and educational programs.
Required practical experience: at least 5 years' professional experience in the fund industry.

Follow-up training: 

Fund Academy Summer Camp

Lead and organisation: 

Dr. Rainer Landert, founder of Fund Academy AG, Zurich (phone 044 211 00 13)


Certificate / Diploma: 

International Fund & Asset Management Officer FA
Examination : thesis based on a topic choosen from one of the four main specialist fields (compare training contents)

Date Time Duration Location No. of Training Description of course   Registration
06.09.18 - 07.09.18 full day 2 - 8 days Dublin, Ireland
IFAMO D01/18
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FA Atelier Pratique Legal / Compliance Genève

FER, 12.4.2018

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Fund & Asset Management Officer Concept (4-Level-Program)

Legal / Compliance / Risk / Operations & Strategic Management Excellence for Fund & Asset Management Industry Professionals (engl.)

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